Lately I’m

feeling excited. I’m excited for the holidays. I’m excited for another move (I may be certifiable). I’m excited that the Pirates will probably be playing for the Wild Card.

feeling relief. The boys are having a good time at school. Theo loves Kindergarten and while Parker seems to be more accepting of his surroundings than enjoying them, accepting is better than miserable. 

laughing at the boys’ obsession with other people’s money. They are both constantly asking me how much money Josh and I have in the bank. Parker even made a comment that my credit card must have a million dollars available because it’s “never ending.” Ha! Josh got a kick out of that one. 

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watching fall tv!! I’m so excited for the return of Survivor, The Amazing Race, Revenge, Parenthood, Shark Tank and I’m not afraid to admit it, my favorite – Hart of Dixie. There are a few new shows that we’re interested in too. 

wearing “lounge wear”. Josh likes to call them sweatpants but I think lounge wear sounds so much nicer. Dress season is over and I just can’t bring myself to put on anything that doesn’t have a draw string or that isn’t designed for yoga. I feel like these clothes have a direct correlation with comfort food.

loving my Rubes. I still can’t get over having a daughter. Or how much different she is from the boys. Or how full my heart feels when the three of them laugh together and love on each other. Her newest thing is saying, “Hi!” and then smacking her lips over and over until you kiss her. It’s like she thinks hi means give me a kiss. 

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realizing my kids are really, really growing up. After having the conversation with Parker about being “cool”, we had another big kid discussion the other night when he told me that he doesn’t like New York because of all of the crazy things he sees. When I asked him what specifically, he brought up a time about a month ago when we went into Times Square and there was a 60 something year old woman wearing nothing but a thong and pasties, playing a guitar for tips. Obviously Times Square is very crowded and since neither boy said anything about it,  Josh and I assumed that they hadn’t seen her. Apparently Parker had but didn’t want to bring it up when Theo was around. The maturity that he shows in situations like this stuns me. 

cooking everything. It’s all I want to do. 

teaching Theo how to tie his shoes and Ruby how to count to three, use the potty and spell her name. I came up with clever little songs that I taught each boy for an easy way to learn their name but I have to say, neither as clever as the one I’ve made for Ruby.


You ain’t got no alibi

You’re Ruby, yeah yeah, you’re Ruby!”

Ingenius, I know.  

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