Halloween 2013

Yesterday was such a great day. The boys wore their costumes to school and Josh and I were able to go in and watch all of the kids parade around the school yard showing off their spooky, creepy and pretty attire. It was a really nice change from last year since our school in Texas didn’t allow the kids to have any sort of Halloween celebration, but of course, no school compares to the awesomely festive Halloween parade, teacher costume contest and class party that Cape May Elementary throws.

 photo photo-98_zps312ebbb6.jpg

Parker dressed as Tree Rex, a character from the Skylanders video game, and though Theo chose the same costume as his brother, he decided last minute to wear a werewolf costume that we already had. We had planned to put Ruby in the adorable dragonfly costume that both Parker and Theo dressed in for their second Halloween but she wasn’t thrilled with the heavy antenna and wings and was much more comfortable in the same Little Red Riding Hood costume she wore last year. I’m still holding out for the dragonfly and since she could fit her tiny body into a 6-12 month costume this year I’m banking on the fact that she’ll still be in a 2t next Halloween.

 photo photo-97_zps7f3e5ce3.jpg

After school we went out to dinner and then came home to carve pumpkins before heading out for trick or treating.  As tradition we dressed Lolly up in her costume, a cheerleader (in the past she’s been a witch and a bride), and walked our neighborhood collecting candy, meeting up with friends and trying to calm Lolly, who has apparently developed a little bit of anxiety since becoming an apartment dog. Ruby was hysterical and loved the entire experience. She wanted so badly to try and keep up with the boys so she ran as much as she could while saying, “run, run, run!” over and over again. She refused to let anyone carry her bag and would practically yell, “treeeeaaaat!” every time she approached a house. It was adorable.

 photo photo-94_zpsfaa4c45e.jpg

After being out for about an hour we came home, binged on candy and stayed up extra late watching the holiday Charlie Brown specials. Though we paid for the sugar rush and late bedtime this morning, it was worth the awesome time as a family. And with that, it is officially Christmastime – only 54 shopping days left!!


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