• I’m obsessed with little girl clothes. Everyone told me it would happen but I’m not a huge shopper so I didn’t think I would be any different with Ruby than I am with the boys. But I was wrong. I literally buy her some article of clothing once a week. Here’s this week’s purchase (sorry! all photos are from my phone). Thank God I only have one girl.

 photo f1a21243-3f78-41ab-a2da-c4f497fb009a_zpsd211b83b.jpg

  • Ruby is totally not a baby anymore. She communicates and understands us almost perfectly and can follow simple tasks and instructions. The other day I was in the bedroom and asked her to go to the living room and grab the wipes for me. I thought she would get sidetracked by something else if she even understood what I was asking her but sure enough she walked straight to the living room, grabbed the wipes and brought them back to me. She’s also starting to tattle which I think is hysterical. Of course one more tattling child will add to the bane of my existence eventually, but right now it’s cute. We started potty training about two months ago but she’s actually terrified of the toilet. Both the regular toilet and her kid potty that we bought her so it’s not really progressing. She does run and grab a diaper expecting to be changed as soon as she goes though so that’s a good sign. I guess I need to do a Ruby update. Maybe in two weeks when she’s 20 months.
  • Where are we on the move? I haven’t mentioned this in a while mainly because we’re at a stand still. We found out that we will not be released from our apartment until April (without giving up over $3,000 a month) and we’re still waiting to hear if and when they’ll let us move into Coast Guard housing on Fire Island. We’re all doing really well though so it’s not a major deal. I definitely don’t feel content living in NYC but at most we have a little over two years left here so we can handle it if that’s what it comes down to.
  • Last weekend we got an $800+ sofa for FREE. Someone was giving it away at the Army base across the bridge (I saw it on a Craigslist -ish Facebook page) so I claimed it. It’s in great condition and only needed cleaning due to some dog hair. All of the covers come off and are washable so I spent about three hours washing, drying, lint rolling and vacuuming but that’s all it cost. It is soooo comfortable that Josh and I have fallen asleep on it the past two nights and slept until early morning.

 photo ScreenShot2013-11-01at82010PM_zpsa52fa727.png

  • Speaking of Facebook – I’m back on it. I was extremely bored the other day so I decided to log on and just make some quick changes to my settings to maximize enjoyment (i.e. hide about 20% of my “friends” from my newsfeed). It still isn’t the kick it used to be for me but I know a lot of our family appreciates that I’m back.
  • I’m really excited to be in New York at Christmastime. I don’t think there is a more magical place this time of year. I can’t wait to take the kids to the Macy’s Thanksgiving day parade, to see the Rockefeller Center Tree (hopefully the lighting of it), the store front windows on 5th ave. and to go ice skating outside in Manhattan. Parker wants to go have the elf sundae at Serendipity 3 which he remembers from the time we took him when he was 3. It makes me so happy when they remember the special things we’ve done over the years.
  • Speaking of Christmas, last year Josh and I only bought each kid four things and that’s what we’ve decided we’re doing again this year. We have a HUGE extended family with our kids being the only grandchildren on my side of the family, and the only grandchildren + 1 on Josh’s side so they get showered with gifts. So much that neither Parker nor Theo have asked for anything besides more Skylanders figurines because they said “we have everything we want.” Josh and I are surprising them with tickets to see Spiderman on Broadway since they’ve been waiting two years to see it. We’re also getting them sleds because they’ve never been sled riding. I know, crazy right? But we left Ohio before Parker was two and we’ve lived by the beach and/or in Texas every winter since. They’ve actually only played in the snow like three times. Adding to the madness – we haven’t even seen snow in almost two years! That’s nonsensical to Ohioans and I’m ashamed.
  • I was so bummed to find out this week that we won’t be able to go see the start of the NYC marathon. It begins right here in Fort Wadsworth (our neighborhood) but the starting line is basically locked down completely. Security is so tight that we had to get special resident passes to even be able to leave and come home during this entire weekend. If we didn’t pick up a pass and wanted to enter the fort we would be forced to have police dogs search our van before being allowed home. I’m assuming it’s because of the Boston bombings. The email we got about the race stated that the number of runners (48,000) plus the number of volunteers (10,000) plus the number of NYPD, security, emergency services, etc. equates to the entire population of Harrisburg, PA. It’s like an entire city is temporarily moving into a mile radius community. I couldn’t imagine being the race director but this event is so incredible. I’m moved to tears every first Sunday in November and even if I can’t be at the starting line, I’m thrilled to be so close to a part of it.

 photo photo-100_zpsc865e06b.jpg

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


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