Parenthood is dictating my life.

Anyone else make major life decisions based on television? No? Josh and I are the only ones? Hmmm.

Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 8.59.47 AM

When you read the title to this post I imagine you probably thought I meant actual parenthood, as in the state of being a parent. But obviously actual parenthood dictates my life – I’m a parent. No, what I was referring to was the hit television show on NBC, Parenthood It’s seriously determining my future.

Josh and I have watched the Braverman family since the first day they landed on prime time tv. If you don’t watch, (I highly recommend that you start) Parenthood is the story of a three generation family just going through normal family stuff. Like cancer, unplanned pregnancy, starting a business, autism, retirement, adoption, infidelity, and just about every other single thing human beings go through. It was recently called “the saddest, happiest show on tv” and   that couldn’t be more true. The show is currently in the middle of it’s fifth season which means Josh and I have cried at least once a week for the past four years. It’s amazing. Screen Shot 2013-11-21 at 10.12.09 AM

We love it so much that in the beginning of 2011, in the midst of the second season, we started talking about how great it must be to have such a big family. The opening montage is the family sitting all together at a huge table having dinner. Josh and I could see ourselves at the head of that table one day with our dozen of children and grandchildren all around us and because of this, we started talking about having another baby. Essentially, Parenthood is to thank for Ruby. Ha!

Then a few weeks ago, we were getting caught up on the show (it’s not on until 10 and we’re too old to stay up that late so we DVR it) and a really special scene happened between Camile and Zeek.

We didn’t talk about it immediately so it wasn’t until the next day that I realized that Josh had gotten exactly what I had from that scene. We went out to dinner and started talking about our day and Josh told me about a really beautiful town he visited and how nice it would be to live there. He said he loves the northeast and could easily find a job somewhere in the area, outside of the Coast Guard. I told him it was funny he had brought up getting out because I had been thinking it about it all day. He said, “You know why? I can’t stop thinking about what Zeek Braverman said on Parenthood last night. I just want to settle down and buy a house and raise our kids there.” And once again, Parenthood opened a new discussion for the direction of my life. 

Of course growing our family and settling down are things that Josh and I had talked about before watching Parenthood but something about this show just gets it. The writing and acting and emotion is so real that it’s impossible not to connect. And apparently impossible for Josh and I to make life decisions without the help of the Bravermans. Now go set your DVR for tonight’s episode!

*This is in no way a sponsored post. I’m just really a huge, psycho fan of the show. All pictures are not my own but are courtesy of Wikipedia and Hooked on Houses (the set design on this show is another incredible aspect of watching and Adam and Christina’s house is my dream home). And I’m sorry I couldn’t get the actual video clip to embed into this post but I promise clicking the link is worth it. I can’t even make it to the minute mark without tearing up. 


2 thoughts on “Parenthood is dictating my life.

  1. This is one of my favorite shows ever and I completely get what you’re saying. I nearly had an emotional breakdown last season going through Christina’s cancer treatment! No TV show makes me weep like this one. When my husband retires from the Coast Guard in 8 (!!!) years we will buy a big house in Maine close to my family and be like the Bravermans 🙂

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