Film Biz Brooklyn

 photo photo-106_zps7afad688.jpg

How cool is this place? Josh and I heard about this thrift shop/prop recycling place in Brooklyn a while ago and finally made it over today. A lot of the stuff is only available to rent but the back of the store was filled with everything you can imagine for sale. Tons of old stuff, every type of sign you could want, fake body parts around every corner (which scared me on several occasions), costumes, hospital beds, fake foods and animals, jailhouse visitors booths, giant vanities and on and on. The prices were really reasonable and the company is not for profit so you can negotiate  everything too. We left empty handed but I kind of regret not buying a kiddie table that I considered.  Ruby regrets that I refused to buy her the tackiest Asian kitty statue – You’ll see which one I mean on the bottom left side of the picture with the giant unicorn. I’m sure we’ll be back though.

 photo photo-113_zps83a8dd11.jpg

 photo photo-112_zps1ff6cf14.jpg

 photo photo-111_zps876dc502.jpg

 photo photo-107_zps8006bcbb.jpg

 photo photo-110_zpsc60df15a.jpg

 photo photo-109_zps3bc17220.jpg

 photo photo-108_zps429e74d3.jpgSorry about the fuzzy photos. They were taken in a dark basement and like I warned in my post yesterday, all with my iPhone.


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