She runs the show.

I used to be a pretty strict parent.

 photo IMG_6966_zpsd0cfa311.jpg

I was completely set on our family rules and when I said something, I meant it.

 photo IMG_6969_zps57081f1f.jpg

And then Ruby came along and changed me.

 photo IMG_6968_zps2463a3ce.jpg

Tonight she decided that she will no longer sit in her high chair. I’ve made the mistake of letting her sit in regular chairs to color or snack and now she knows that she’s capable. I can’t even remember using the word “refused” with the boys because if they refused something, there were consequences. You don’t want to sit the way you’re supposed to? You don’t eat. But something is different with Ruby. I’m different and how I parent is different. And pretty much – she’s running the show.

 photo IMG_6970_zpsa07bd662.jpg

 photo IMG_6971_zps6a3b0892.jpg



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