Weekend Recap.

Before I write about our weekend I want to back up a little to News Year’s Day when my sister and I spent the day together in Manhattan. She’s moving to Alaska next month and since we probably won’t see each other again until August, she decided to come back to New York with us for a few days after our Christmas in Ohio. We made plans to have lunch and to go to the Met but since it was a holiday all of the museums were closed. If you know my sister then you know that her back up plan is always to go shopping so we made our way to SoHo, had lunch at a great little restaurant and spent the next five hours walking the neighborhood and stopping in stores. Because I’m old, and it was freezing, and I actually kind of hate shopping, I got to a point where I was just ready to go home but it was a really fun day and I’m so glad we got to spend it together just the two of us.

 photo IMG_7159_zps46a5be4b.jpg

 photo IMG_7162_zpsac324174.jpg

 photo IMG_7166_zpsbc0d4156.jpg

 photo IMG_7170_zpsc0ff34bb.jpg

 photo IMG_3975_zps76023045.jpg

The next day she left and headed back to Florida just before “Hercules” hit the east coast. Thursday afternoon the storm started dumping snow onto New York and left us Friday with about eight inches total. The kids were called off of school and Josh was called off of work but with the wind chill making it 10 degrees below zero there was no way we were going to leave the house. We hung out inside, still playing with all of our new Christmas stuff and then busted out the sleds on Saturday when it was a little warmer.

 photo IMG_7203_zps4e36b3aa.jpg

 photo IMG_7204_zps56233139.jpg

 photo IMG_7216_zpsadadecd8.jpg

 photo IMG_7219_zps93243172.jpg

The snow actually kind of sucked for playing because it was so light and the boys didn’t make it too long before they were ready for hot showers and hot tea but they had fun while it lasted. Miss Ruby skipped out on the snow and opted for a nap instead. She likes to look at the snow but being cold, or “freezing” as she says, just isn’t her thing.

Sunday afternoon was the real main event of our weekend. We got tickets for the Professional Bull Riding event at Madison Square Garden and couldn’t wait to go. We left the house early and got to MSG in time for the boys to meet one of the riders and get his autograph. We ate and enjoyed over two hours of cowboys, rodeo clowns (Theo’s favorite), loud music and excitement. I still can’t believe that we can last this long with a 21 month old but Ruby is a complete champ and loved seeing the “cows”. I think this is definitely a difference between boys and girls. We have always done a lot with our kids but the boys would have never sat and stayed entertained the way Ruby does.

 photo IMG_7274_zps6fd9cfdd.jpg

 photo IMG_7229_zps552d1204.jpg

 photo IMG_4029_zpse48b3242.jpg

 photo IMG_7222_zps38b08c88.jpg

Strollers aren’t allowed in Madison Square Garden so today was our first trip into the city, or anywhere for that matter, without one. Rubes asserted her independence early on and let us know that she got this. She sat in her own seat on the subway and walked without holding our hand as much as possible. It was the most adorable thing seeing her hang with the boys and it made me realize that we’re right on the cusp of a sweet spot. These trips are just going to get easier and easier and more and more fun.




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