The noona addiction.

As a parent, there are certain things that drive me insane. Like kids drinking from baby bottles after the age of one. Josh likes to joke that our kids don’t get the chance to become attached to their bottles because I rip them away too soon. Parker’s bottles were all thrown in the trash the day before his first birthday, Theo’s were the week before his birthday and though I allowed Ruby to continue on a little longer than the boys, her bottles were still all thrown away two weeks after she turned one.

Like my thing with bottles, I know a lot of people have issues with kids using pacifiers after a certain point but this is something that has never bothered me. Well, I guess there is a certain point where it bothers me but it’s not as early on as a lot of people. Anyway, I allowed the boys to, sort of, ween themselves from their pacifiers and aside from limiting it to a bedtime habit, Josh and I never took it away from them. Parker called his a “nuk” and ended up biting a hole in the end of it. He eventually (right before he turned 3) dropped it under his bed and never asked for it again. Theo called his a “noonga” and used it at bedtime until he was almost three as well. Unlike Parker, he never showed signs of losing it on his own so we called up the “noonga fairy” and asked her to come take it from under his pillow one night so that she could pass it on to another little kid who needed it. She left Theo a lollipop in exchange and he never asked for it again (is it weird that Theo is almost 6 and I still have his noonga stored away? Ha!) Ruby took the noonga to another level and calls her’s a “noona.” She also took the noona obsession to another level and refuses to give it up in any capacity at all. She’s on the cusp of turning two and completely relies on having her noona under any dire circumstance and to her, riding in the car is dire, playing in her room is dire, sitting on the couch is dire.

 photo IMG_7339_zps33d5b6f1.jpg

Honestly, it still doesn’t bother me. The old school fear of orthodontic problems caused by pacifiers is long gone and she actually looks kinda cute with her little smile peeking out from behind her noona. What is driving me nuts is that she speaks really, really well but half of the time you can’t understand what she’s saying because her pacifier is plugging her mouth. This week I decided to start our very slow process of loosing the noona. We have a “noona bowl” on our sofa table where Ruby knows she can always find one. I decided that I’d just try keeping all of the noonas in the bowl rather than thrown about the house, that way maybe she just wouldn’t think about it. You know, out of sight out mind sort of thing. But it wasn’t that easy. She didn’t forget. And when she asked for her noona, instead of telling her to go check the noona bowl, I said, “Oh I don’t know where it is but that’s okay you don’t need it.” Immediately, she started screaming bloody murder with tears streaming down her cheeks. Girls are so much different than boys. If she were a boy all I’d have to say is “Oh look at that shiny thing!” and she’d be off to the next thing just like that. But girls don’t distract as easily and she was adamant that her life was ending without her noona. So I gave it to her and we’re back to square one.

The thing is, like I said, I don’t really care that Ruby is still so attached to her pacifier but I’m a little worried that if she’s this addicted to using one now, it can’t possibly get easier as we go on. I guess for now we’ll just let things progress as they progress and see how it goes. And in the meantime, I’ve got to start working on getting her over her fear of the potty. Maybe I can bribe her with a noona 😉


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