The kids’ rooms: Take 2

 photo PicMonkeyCollage_zps51cf4812.jpgI can not get a good picture inside of this house. The lighting is terrible. 

I’m a chronic re arranger. Chronic. Which is funny because when I was a kid, I hated changing my room. I had the same bedroom set up from the time I was 8 until I was 18. Unlike me, our kids have had about 4 different rooms each, just within the past year. I love to decorate but mainly, something about a new house takes me around 8-9 months to “figure things out.” Our house has 4 bedrooms so when we moved in, everyone had their own room. And then the boys decided that they wanted to share so we moved Parker into Theo’s room since it was bigger. We painted and decorated with a combination of their tastes. And then a couple of months later Josh decided that he wanted to move Ruby into Parker’s old room. Her bedroom was in the back of the house and had a huge bay window that faced the ocean so aside from our room, it was the coldest in the house. Because she’s still so little, we keep her door shut at night so it was getting really cold as the temperature dropped and it just made sense to move her to the other side of the house. We painted her new room and redecorated similar to her old.

 photo IMG_7514_zps8786176a.jpg

Over the weekend Theo decided that he no longer wanted to share a room. We decided to move him into Ruby’s old room with the hopes that the cooler room will help him sleep. He’s our little sweaty guy so maybe a temperature drop at night is exactly what he needs and since we don’t close his door it shouldn’t be too cold. I spent all day today moving furniture and hanging pictures and was able to finish up in time to surprise Theo when he got home from school. He’s a major nature lover so his room reflects that. I still have to hang his curtains but he loved it.

 photo IMG_7531_zpsdf032a6f.jpg

As for Parker’s room, I decided to try and make it a little more “grown up” for him so I used our extra love seat to create a hangout area. I’m not a fan of tv’s in the bedroom and although he did have one for about 3 months, it’s not something I ever want to do again. Though we didn’t mean to do a “theme” for Parker’s room, I noticed today that his walls are covered with all things travel. Maps, bikes, license plates and these incredible car paintings that Josh’s aunt bought from a street artist in Cuba.

 photo IMG_7549_zpsc7e543a2.jpg

 photo IMG_7572_zps3964e039.jpg

I still have some holes to patch and a little touch up painting but hopefully we’re done playing musical rooms. The kids are all happy with the way things are now and so am I. For now.


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