A special little touch.

Here in our apartment we have this giant kitchen with less than practical cabinets and no pantry. Since getting some new gadgets, pots, pans and a Costco membership for Christmas we’ve struggled with storage solutions and finally decided to buy an industrial looking shelving unit to help make some space. Josh put it together last night and while we bought it to serve a purpose, of course I had to try and make it look cute too.

 photo 7356adc7-9a81-410b-acd1-b2289798f7c3_zps78871b8b.jpg

 photo aae12cda-52c3-4828-89c5-ffae1ca97eec_zps226d8a31.jpg

We ended up being able to clear out about two shelves plus decluttered a few more. Once I saw the amount of leftover space that I had to spruce up, I added a little plant and started browsing Pinterest for kitchen printables to frame. I found a couple of cute phrases and a kitchen conversion chart but then I remembered a project I had never finished from over a year ago and knew it would be perfect.

When my grandma passed away 8 years ago, I was lucky enough to inherit one of her notebooks filled with her handwritten recipes. Mammy was the best baker in our family and thankfully, she had written down all of her famous cookie recipes in this little notebook, including my all time favorite no bakes. I scanned the recipe and had it printed on to linen with the intentions of making tea towels but I never got around to sewing the towels so the linen has just been sitting at the bottom of my fabric pile. I realized that rather than print off some random cutesy quote, it would be so much more special to display my favorite recipe scrawled in my late grandmother’s beautiful handwriting.

 photo IMG_7862_zps413b69b7.jpg

I love how it turned out. If you notice the discoloration on a few spots, that’s actually some kind of food stained on the actual 30+ year old paper. A little added character. So it turns out this industrial shelf holds much more than just some pots and pans.


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