What’s new with the kids?

Since I don’t have a Facebook account to keep everyone updated on the random things going on with the kids, I thought I’d post about what’s currently going on with them (and us). I’ve relied on Facebook a lot over the years to document the funny things they say and to share their achievements so that is something I’m missing now. Especially because we live in our own little bubble and barely ever get to talk to our outside family.

 photo 60f507e9-722f-40da-b739-a8bf0b1a95af_zpse5ba664f.jpg

Parker – Park’s class is reading “Because of Winn Dixie” and he came home annoyed because his teacher had censored a part. Apparently during the preacher’s 10 things about Opal’s mother, his teacher refused to read one of the numbers because it was “inappropriate.” Of course this led Parker to make a beeline for the book section at Target where he picked up a copy, flipped to the page and read that what was “inappropriate” was that Opal’s mother was an alcoholic. I’m completely against censorship but this pissed me off on another level. I don’t understand why a teacher would believe that rather than have a conversation about a disease, which alcoholism absolutely is, it’s better just to label it not suitable for third graders. I’m against hiding things from kids in any capacity. It leads to two things: 1. kids take it upon themselves to find out and then get misinformed/the wrong idea and 2. you, as an adult, miss your opportunity to effectively communicate with your kid. If we didn’t have the type of open relationship that we do with Parker, he could have possibly actually believed that drinking alcohol is a bad thing or that alcoholism is something that shouldn’t be spoken of.

Park was selected for his school’s soccer team. It’s not competitive and it’s actually just an hour a week of drills, skills practice and fun but he really likes it and was very excited that he was picked.

One of Parker’s teeth is growing in way too high in his gums. I had this same problem with my teeth which is what led me to need braces. I know it’s inevitable for him too but I have no idea when we’ll start seeing an orthodontist. He hasn’t seemed self conscious about the tooth but he did mention to me that he thinks it’s ugly.

 photo IMG_7986_zpse72c42a6.jpg

Theo –  Theo came home from school one day last week when Josh had picked him up, ashamed to tell me that he had cut his hair during class. And not just a little bit, he cut half of his “bangs” off. Apparently he had been pretending to cut his hair, laughing with a friend, when the friend said “I dare you to really cut your hair.” so Theo did. And Josh and I were not surprised. We acted like we were disappointed and had the whole talk about how he knows better than to do things he’s not supposed to just because a friend tells him to but Josh and I both know that Theo isn’t a follower – he’s a character who likes to make people laugh. Who can be mad at that? The hardest part was trying not to laugh as he explained that after he did it, he had to take the entire chunk of hair to his teacher’s desk and explain what he had done. I mean, all I could think about was being this teacher who thinks her students are sweetly working on an assignment only to have this crazy 5 year old bring a giant chunk of hair to her desk! To be a fly on that wall.

T was not selected for the school’s soccer team and was pretty devastated for about a day. He takes things hard but he also moves on quickly.

Theo is so excited for his birthday that almost every night as we tuck him in he wants to go through the list of options for his celebration. Since we don’t live by any family and very few friends we never have birthday parties for the kids but instead we let them pick something special to do for the day. Theo has his day narrowed down to the Crayola Factory, the Liberty Science Center, the Please Touch Museum, CoCo Keys (an indoor water park), or a Caribbean Cruise. Not that the last one is really an option but he continues to keep it on his list.

 photo acdaf1bb-d5d4-4cd8-8835-4f73e7bb7c4b_zps383a24ee.jpg

Ruby – Rubes is a real big girl now. She seems to have the same great memory that the boys have and can recall events from a week ago. She’s talking up a storm and speaks in sentences. She’s obsessed with her brothers, pretzels and hummus and giving Lolly treats. She refuses to wear half of her wardrobe. For some reason she started saying “note” instead of no and I can’t stop laughing about it. She’s the girliest tomboy with the craziest, frizzy curls that I’ve ever seen. She has a stuffed tiger that she takes everywhere and though she had originally named him Guy, he now goes by Tigey.

Last night Ruby woke up at 3:30 am, which is really unusual for her. Josh tried to comfort her but she just wanted to get up so we let her cry/whine for about an hour. Finally, I gave in and brought her into our bed with us for the first time in her life. At first she thought it was party time but then once she realized that we were just sleeping too she said, “Mommy bed.” which was her way of letting me know that she wanted to go back to her bed! I couldn’t believe that two hours of whining and fighting sleep ended with her telling me she was ready to go back to her bed. I laid her in her bed and she rolled over and slept until 7:30.

The other day Josh put on his work gloves and pretended to “Ironman” Ruby’s face. She screamed, “Aweshum!” and Josh and I died laughing. Aside from the fact that we didn’t know she knew the word, it was hysterical that she thought that Josh’s gloved hand in her face was awesome.

 photo 7af5aa81-03e5-4158-a475-2052db5ddaee_zps4e54ed27.jpg

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