Green bean fries: a little story and a super quick and easy veggie recipe.

I want this blog to get back to being a little bit more about food. Not like it was when I started blogging, but more along the lines of sharing what we eat and incorporating the huge part of our lives that food is. Josh and I are major foodies who plan trips around what and where we’re going to eat, remember past homes by our favorite restaurants  and compliment each other in the kitchen by being 1/2 scientist (Josh) and 1/2 experimentalist (me). Because of this, New York City is both the best and the worst place for us live – we’ve both gained around 15 pounds since moving from Texas (I’m working on getting it under control). Even though we have every type of delicious pizza, pasta and pastry available at our disposal, we still try to keep it pretty healthy when we eat at home and try to make as much as possible from scratch.

Josh and I both love to try and recreate our favorite restaurant meals in our own kitchen, especially since a lot of our favorite restaurant meals are from places in Ohio, California, South Jersey and Texas. One of Theo’s favorite places to eat when we lived in Texas was a burger place (running theme of this blog apparently) called Smashburger. It’s just a chain restaurant and we actually found one here in Jersey but the one in Texas was THE best. One of the most incredible things on their menu were the veggie fries and I liked them so much that I actually asked the manager how they made them. It was just raw green beans and carrot sticks flash fried for about 30 seconds. No breading, no nothing.

Last week I realized that I had some green beans in the refrigerator that needed to be used and I immediately thought of the veggie fries. I heated some coconut oil, which we use for everything, and dropped the green beans in for about a minute. After frying them, I finished them off on a baking sheet, with a little salt, in the oven at 450 for about 5 minutes. OMG. They were incredible. The oil gave them a very slightly sweet taste combined with the saltiness and the roasty-ness (that’s definitely a word) from the high heated oven and made for the perfect flavor.

 photo ecabd004-cda6-49ba-bde1-f199e7455f63_zps3a5c1d40.jpg

They’re a great side dish.  Or even a great snack…

 photo 285f1448-6785-4c35-b1c7-33d8fdc53421_zps8fc71e0b.jpg


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