A Ruby update.

I know everybody says it, but holy crap do the years fly by when you’re a parent. We’re just over a month away from Ruby’s 18 month mark and I swear she was just born yesterday. The past two months have been huge developmentally and she’s definitely on the final stretch of babyhood.

Personality: Ruby is a ball of fire. She is strong willed and determined. When the boys were little it was very easy for me to distract them if they were doing something I didn’t want them to but Ruby is different. If there is something she wants she will not relent until she gets it, no matter how many shiny things I use to try and divert her attention. Compared to the boys though she is extremely laid back. The boys were constantly on the go, from one thing to the next, loud and all over the place.  Going from that madness to my sweet, calm, easy Ruby has been a breeze. Already, Rubes seems to be a bit more cynical like me. Just like me, she gets annoyed easily and doesn’t seem to be much of a people person. I joke and tell Josh that he can’t hold it against me anymore because obviously bitchiness is a genetic trait.

Growth and Developments: Rubes is talking and communicating like crazy. I forgot how much easier parenting becomes once your child can tell you what they want/what is wrong. Ruby is still in that stage where most of what she says can only be understood by the people who talk to her everyday but it works for us. Actually, it’s adorable. Her current words include, dog, kitty, bub – bub (used interchangeably for Parker and Theo), tootsies (toes), teeth, bath, mom, dad, Boobie (Ruby), Wa Wa (flower), nigh nigh (goodnight or I want to go to bed!), noongi (pacifier), dink (drink), neena (banana), dis (this or that), boo (beautiful), no, bite, baby, boat, nack (snack), poop, and peas (please). She understands most of what we say and giggles with excitement when we understand her.


Nakey baby censored. 

At her last doctor’s appointment she weighed 21.5 pounds and was 31 inches. This puts her in the 10 – 15 percentile for her age which is basically where she’s been since birth. Her eating habits are spectacular and she’s super healthy. She still only has five teeth but there is one on the bottom popping through right now. She shows no typical signs of teething at all and it doesn’t seem to be bothering her either. We’re still cloth diapering her which has started to come in handy, more so now than ever, since she’s learned how to take off disposables (see above photo) but still can’t handle the snaps on her fluff. She’s also still showing signs of being a lefty.

Sleep: There may be no baby on the planet who sleeps greater than Ruby does. Ruby is the anti Theo and I think she is my reward for dealing with Theo’s sleeping problems. She goes to bed at seven and will sleep until at least nine. She’s usually ready for a nap two hours later and will sleep for another 2 to 3 hours. Not only is she a great sleeper but she loves to sleep. She will tell me when she’s ready for bed and when I lay her down, whether it’s for bedtime or nap time, she grabs her ears and giggles. The only problem is that we’ve been so hard core with making sure she’s been in her own bed since day one that now she will only sleep in her bed. If we’re lucky, she may fall asleep in the van but sleeping in a stroller, carrier or in a bed with us is out of the question.

Current Favorites: Ruby LOVES to dress up. Any time she sees me folding or putting away laundry she grabs some piece of clothing and tries to put it on. She LOVES accessories. A backpack is her newest fav but she also loves headbands, bracelets, shoes etc. She loves to dance and is constantly doing so. She loves to brush her teeth and take baths but she hates her hair being rinsed. She still hasn’t shown a real interest in television at all but she loves to read and will sit through several books at a time. She loves dogs and babies but mostly from a distance. Those are also two things that annoy her easily. She loves to be outside and will go to our balcony doors and ask to go out several times a day. She absolutely loves airplanes and will point to every single one that flies by (nearly one every minute) and yell “pane! pane!” any time we’re on the balcony. She adores her brothers. She follows them around, gives them kisses and sits in their laps all day. They equally adore her and give her anything she wants (feeding that relentless attitude of hers). IMG_5784

In my world of boys, having a daughter continues to be so much different but so much fun. Ruby is our family’s little spitfire and she completes us more than we ever could have imagined.