A day at the ball park.

Going to a baseball game is the perfect way to spend a Sunday afternoon with the family. Especially when it’s 70 degrees and sunny. We took the kids to what will probably be our last game of this season and were able to enjoy all nine innings (the game actually went into extra innings but those were beyond our patience threshold) for the first time with Ruby in attendance.  photo IMG_6626_zps86ba0a7b.jpg

 photo IMG_6627_zpsb95a21a8.jpg

 photo IMG_6624_zpsf1f73760.jpg

 photo IMG_6620_zps8754d1bc.jpg

 photo IMG_6618_zps1bd2cf91.jpg

 photo IMG_6591_zps41883f3b.jpg

 photo IMG_6611_zps4027bcab.jpgI love the picture above.  Josh was explaining how the player on first got picked off when the pitcher caught him leading off too far. The boys continue to be more and more interested in sports and they left this game inspired to go hit some balls. Adorable.


A spontaneous night at the ballpark.

Yesterday afternoon I got a text from Josh asking if I’d like to go to the Yankees/Angels game. The NYC USO (which rocks!) was giving away free tickets and Josh was going to take his lunch break to run to midtown and pick them up. Of course I said absolutely – it’s on our NYC bucket list! The boys were so excited when I told them we were going. They’ve both been going to baseball games since they were babies and they love it. Plus Theo is a self proclaimed Yankees fan. He tells everyone his favorite team is the Yankees and wears his Rivera shirt twice a week. Tonight after the game I asked him why he likes the Yankees now and he said, “Well, you know, I got this shirt and I just really think their logo is pretty cool…And I was born in New York!” Valid.  photo IMG_6119_zps7d714b7f.jpg

We took the train all the way from downtown Manhattan to the Bronx on what was honestly the train.from.hell. The 40 minute ride made me believe that we were all being punished for doing something terribly wrong. It was like a version of Jean-Paul Sartre’s No Exit. But once we got to Yankee Stadium the rest of the night was fantastic! The weather was absolutely perfect, the boys loved the game and we got to see Alfonso Soriano hit two homers while Ruby was an angel and danced and ate stadium food.  The train ride back to lower Manhattan was nice and clean and easy and there was no traffic on the drive home.

 photo IMG_6123_zps85400854.jpg photo IMG_6126_zps69db5147.jpg photo IMG_6124_zps70d0b149.jpg

It was such a great night out with the family! Thanks again to the New York USO for making it happen!

 photo IMG_6130_zps882db856.jpg

A day at the ball field

Yesterday was a big day for Josh as he got to represent the United States Coast Guard and carry the flag onto the field at the MLB All Star game at Citi Field. He was up and at his day by 6 am and headed to the field by 6:45. We didn’t hear from him again until around 9 am when he sent a picture of the ginormous flag on the field and let us know where to look for him on tv before the game. He had “practice” from 8am until noon and then sent a text letting me know that he was sitting in a bar for the next few hours. I thought that sounded like a nice afternoon until he also mentioned that beers were $11 a piece! Yikes! Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 7.24.44 PM

In the meantime, the kids and I had made plans with some old friends for the day. We were meeting up at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to let them play and explore. Unfortunately, Rubes just wasn’t feeling the stroller so I ended up carrying her most of the time (hence the lack of quality pictures) but the boys had a blast visiting with buddies and playing in the museum for over two hours.



We came home and ordered a pizza and relaxed a little while we waited for it. Josh had texted me earlier while we were still at the science center to let me know that he was shutting off his phone so it wouldn’t die, so I hadn’t heard from him in a few hours. After the kids and I ate dinner, I got miss Ruby in bed and started cleaning up when I heard an incoming text. It was Josh with just one word,


This text just reinforced my excitement for him. As long as I’ve known Josh he has been a huge baseball fan. Actually, at the beginning of our relationship he ditched me one night when we had plans, to go to a Pirates game instead. I followed him throughout high school watching him pitch and play shortstop for our school team as well as summer league. He introduced me to Field of Dreams and took me to my first professional baseball game. He made me a Pirates fan and actually tried to talk me into naming Parker “Buc”. Together we’ve visited baseball stadiums in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, with all three of our kids attending their first pro game before their first birthday. Josh really loves baseball so I was so happy that he got the chance to have this experience.





He sent me a picture he took with Bryce Harper and told me he’d also met Erin Andrews. One of the coaches threw him a ball from batting practice, he got a picture with Paul Goldschmidt and checked out his bat and then he walked right next to Joe Torre, Chris Berman, and Bob Costas. At one point, as Josh stood in front of the first base dugout, Jason Grilli walked by so he yelled out to him “Thanks for a winning season! I’ve waited my whole life for this.” (Jason Grilli is a first year Pirate who has been a stud closing pitcher this year) to which Grilli replied, “No, thank you! I’m glad we can finally bring it you.” And then after a 12 hour day at the ballpark, it was time to do what he came to do and he carried the flag out onto the field with dozens of other servicemen and women. Back home, Parker and I were bummed when we didn’t get to see Josh on tv, but his picture did make The Washinton Post! Though this was not his first All Star game (he was lucky enough to go when it was played at PNC Park) I have a feeling this was his most memorableScreen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.50.02 AM

Just a great day.

Yesterday morning we woke up and decided, spur of the moment, to drive out to Long Island and check out where we used to live. The weather was a little yucky but we didn’t let the rain stop us. We left the house by 9am and took the beautiful Ocean Parkway all the way to Fire Island. We only lived there for a month (the weekend after we moved in, Josh got orders to California) but it’s the first place Josh was stationed in the Coast Guard and it’s also where we brought Theo home to from the hospital. It’s absolutely beautiful and I’m actually pretty disappointed that we didn’t choose to live there this time around. The gates to our old house were closed so we could only show the boys from the road and it was too rainy to get out and walk the beach but it was still fun to drive down memory lane.

We continued on to the Sunrise Highway and took it all the way to Westhampton Beach. Our first home away from home. When Josh graduated bootcamp he received orders to Station Fire Island but they didn’t have any housing available so we opted to live about 50 miles away in the next closest CG community. Westhampton Beach was where my life as a Coastie wife started. I have a lot of great memories there but it was also a very hard time in our lives. Josh worked a lot, and he worked far away, and we were completely broke. I was by myself most of the time, along with Parker who was two, while pregnant with Theo and living eight hours away from home for the first time in my life. But it was a stepping stone to where we are now and I was excited to go back and see it from a different perspective. We showed the boys our old house, took them through the town and showed them the beach. It was a quick trip but before we left we made sure to stop at our old favorite deli to grab lunch. It alone, was worth the drive.

Screen Shot 2013-07-13 at 10.09.14 PM



IMG_4834Next we were back on the road for what ended up being a crazy, hectic drive (and by crazy, hectic, I mean kids were screaming, Josh was screaming and I continued to mutter “Just go home. Just take us home.”) back into the city. Today was the day that Parker was to attend the MLB All Star Fan Fest baseball camp.





Though we left with plenty of time, we forgot to take in to account the fact that it would take us a while to find parking in Manhattan. Once we made it to the Javits Center, Josh dropped Parker and I off while he and the other two went to park. Parker and I went in, met up with our group and headed in. About 30 minutes (and $40) later, Josh, Theo and Ruby were able to meet up with us inside Fan Fest and we all watched Parker play in a USO military kids tee ball game right in the center of Fan Fest. It wasn’t what we were expecting but it was a blast.




Notice that the kid on the left is Parker. So sweet.



Even though this picture is a blur, I love it because you can still see his little smile.





All of the Coastie kids in attendance.

Next it was on to enjoy the All Star game Fan Fest. It was such a great time and we ended up staying for 4 hours!


My boys under our team flag.



Baseball grub for dinner.



Posing with this year’s World Series trophy!


For Aunt Dawn (this will have to do since ARod was missing).



“The world’s biggest baseball!”


At this point they wanted to pose with everything.




Theo threw 16mph, Parker threw 35mph and Josh threw 57mph – and now he can’t lift his arm. That 30th birthday is creeping…

We stayed until the announcers boomed over the loud speaker that the doors would be closing in 10 minutes. The boys were so bummed that today was the only day for Fan Fest and also that the All Star game wouldn’t be here again next year so we’ve already made plans for next season. At the end of the night we were all beat but we had so much that it was totally worth it. Thanks to the USO for hosting us!


  • The boys just came out of Parker’s room and both broke down crying. I was afraid something really serious had happened but then, through chokes of tears, they explained that Parker had cut his finger while trying to pull a string off of Theo’s Spiderman costume. Why were they so hysterical? Because they both thought Parker’s finger was going to be cut off. Yep. I’ve traumatized my kids. I’ve always stressed that they shouldn’t wrap things around body parts for fear of cutting off circulation but clearly they both took that to the extreme. Better safe than sorry, right? 😉


  • I’ve been having serious thoughts about cosmetic surgery. I’m not even going to say specifically what surgery because I’m that embarrassed about it but I will say that it’s not something I ever thought would be number one on my list. There is probably no way I’d ever go through with it because I’m terrified of surgery but I seriously think about it a few times a week now. I have no idea what’s happening to me. Too much Housewives I think.
  • Parker was selected to go to an All Star Fan Fest baseball camp at the Javits Center in Manhattan. It’s specifically for military kids and he was one of four Coastie kids chosen. I’m so thankful for all of the awesome experiences we get to have because we’re a CG family.
  • Speaking of the Coast Guard – I’m in love with it. Josh and I have been talking about getting out within the next few years and while settling down and having the freedom to choose where we want to live sounds like heaven, the thought of no longer being a part of the CG makes me a little sad. Every single time I see something about the Coast Guard I swell with pride. I guess it’s like how people feel towards their Alma Mater.


  • Ruby slept until 10:50 this morning and that was only because I started to get nervous about why she was still sleeping and woke her up. She went to bed at 6:15 last night. I think maybe she’s growing.
  • My hair is at this strange in between length where it’s not short but it’s not long yet either. It’s extremely heavy and hurts when I put it in a pony tail so I’ve been wearing it in a braid or a top knot. I feel like when it’s braided I look Amish and when it’s in a top knot I look like this guy.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 3.08.34 PM

  • I’ve stopped folding half of our laundry. It all started because we don’t have a linen closet in our house so instead of folding towels I just hang some in each bathroom and leave the rest in a laundry basket on top of the dryer. This made me realize that a lot of the clothes that I fold don’t require folding, so in what I’m calling an increase to my efficiency, I no longer fold towels, pajamas, or work out clothes. I just throw them into piles and dump the piles into the corresponding drawers. I mean, it doesn’t matter if pj’s are wrinkled. I feel like I could be starting a revolution with this idea.
  • My poor, poor, sweet husband once again has his hopes up for the Pirates. As usual they’re tied for first which makes him say the same thing he says every year – “This is their year, Morgan!” But I’m always his voice of reason reminding him that every year the Pirates trick their fans into believing it’s their year, only to plummet in the second half of the season. We can expect a losing streak to start right about….now.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.16.36 PM

  • We found a Crate and Barrel Outlet a half an hour away last week and left our house for shopping immediately. I bought a bunch of unnecessary serving dishes for, you know, whenever we have big dinner parties and such. I’m obsessed with white dishes and couldn’t pass up 90% off. They also had a lot of great furniture for ridiculously low prices. I don’t know what to do because I promised myself (and my husband) that I wouldn’t buy any new furniture at least until we move again but C&B Outlets are hard to come by.
  • I painted Ruby’s toenails for the first time today. She was good and sat the entire time I painted, while in my head I went over the ways that girls are so different from boys. However, she didn’t want to sit long enough to allow them to dry so they’re a little smudged. It’s ridiculously cute but I think I’ll wait a while longer before I try again.
  •  Josh and I had been talking about buying Ruby a water table but literally within a day or two from our first discussion about it, I read this post and thought that this Montessori style of play was so much cooler. $2 versus $50. Duh. Give a kid a bowl of water and a bowl of dried beans and let them at it. The best part is that it kept all three kids and our dog entertained for a half an hour.

Screen Shot 2013-07-08 at 4.12.58 PM

  • Josh’s 6 year mark in the CG is on Wednesday. I can’t believe it has been that long already.
  • Josh’s 30th birthday is in a month. I have no idea what the hell to get him. All the poor guy wanted was a weekend away but I’m not ready to leave Ruby overnight yet. Maybe by his 40th birthday I will be…

Happy Monday!

Our week in photos

This post has a lot of pictures but I still feel like I didn’t take enough. We had family here all week and though I should have, I didn’t even take my camera out (besides my iPhone) until yesterday.

This week included:

Lots of breakfasts enjoyed on the balcony.


The end of baseball season.












A bathing beauty.




Family time.


The Jersey Shore.










A daddy’s girl.


Swimming in the ocean with uncle Joe.



Trying to get Josh into the 71 degree water.


A sweet sleepy baby.


My babes and me.






The Coast Guard!


A stinker little brother.



New Jersey.


Ahhh. Summer.