A weekend of work

*The lighting all weekend was completely sub par due to the crappy weather so these pictures are kind of awful. Fair warning.

We have family coming to visit this week so Josh took all week off so we can have a free schedule. Since he doesn’t have to go to work for a while, I decided to put him to work around here.

First thing was the balcony. We’ve talked about buying furniture for our little outdoor space since we moved here but I finally bit the bullet when I was in Target and noticed all of the summer stuff on sale. I picked up the table, two chairs and some accessories and saved $130. Josh was a champ and helped me carry everything in, put it together and set it all up. After he started putting the table together I realized that I had been so excited about the sale that I overlooked the fact that I had bought a cafe table which meant the chairs wouldn’t work. But I loved them so much I decided to keep it all and set up two separate spaces. We packed everyone into the van again and headed to Home Depot to see if we could find another small table and some bar chairs. We left with another great deal on the little table but had no luck finding chairs that weren’t $100 a piece. After checking out several other places (including a Craigslist listing that I had my fingers crossed for) we made do with these inexpensive Ikea chairs.



We all love it and have already spent a few nights and mornings out there.

Another little project Josh worked on was cleaning up this plant stand. I’ve had it for a few years now so it needed a little love. Spray paint is my best friend so it went from this –


to this.



We also had a few small projects that we worked on, like adding another shelf to Ruby’s reading corner.


And rearranging Theo’s wall to accommodate some new art.


Josh also began a major project. I picked this table up from the curb where our neighbor had put it out for trash. It needs some work but it is solid wood and gorgeous. The first step was to sand the top and stain it but this has been a bit trickier than we had hoped.



We can’t seem to find the right stain. At this point Josh is probably just going to sand the entire thing and re stain it all.


If anyone has any suggestions for ways to make this easier let me know. We’re new DIYers and our knowledge kind of ends at spray paint. 😉