A nice night at home.


$10 bought almost two hours of water fun in one night.


IMG_5344We didn’t even bother calling them in for dinner.


Theo gave Ruby his old preschool backpack and she wouldn’t let anyone take it off of her.


She even wore it to the store.


Water toys of course turned into swords.


Not surprisingly, hunger set in for Theo first. Yes, that is a huge hunk of smoked gouda. 


He didn’t even want to wait for me to serve him. He just dug into the leftovers from the dinner Josh and I shared.


Note the hat. Upon coming inside, Josh told Theo to jump in the shower. But he didn’t feel like washing his hair, so to keep us from noticing, he slyly just threw on a hat. We noticed. IMG_5381

My love. IMG_5384


A day at the ball field

Yesterday was a big day for Josh as he got to represent the United States Coast Guard and carry the flag onto the field at the MLB All Star game at Citi Field. He was up and at his day by 6 am and headed to the field by 6:45. We didn’t hear from him again until around 9 am when he sent a picture of the ginormous flag on the field and let us know where to look for him on tv before the game. He had “practice” from 8am until noon and then sent a text letting me know that he was sitting in a bar for the next few hours. I thought that sounded like a nice afternoon until he also mentioned that beers were $11 a piece! Yikes! Screen Shot 2013-07-16 at 7.24.44 PM

In the meantime, the kids and I had made plans with some old friends for the day. We were meeting up at Liberty Science Center in Jersey City to let them play and explore. Unfortunately, Rubes just wasn’t feeling the stroller so I ended up carrying her most of the time (hence the lack of quality pictures) but the boys had a blast visiting with buddies and playing in the museum for over two hours.



We came home and ordered a pizza and relaxed a little while we waited for it. Josh had texted me earlier while we were still at the science center to let me know that he was shutting off his phone so it wouldn’t die, so I hadn’t heard from him in a few hours. After the kids and I ate dinner, I got miss Ruby in bed and started cleaning up when I heard an incoming text. It was Josh with just one word,


This text just reinforced my excitement for him. As long as I’ve known Josh he has been a huge baseball fan. Actually, at the beginning of our relationship he ditched me one night when we had plans, to go to a Pirates game instead. I followed him throughout high school watching him pitch and play shortstop for our school team as well as summer league. He introduced me to Field of Dreams and took me to my first professional baseball game. He made me a Pirates fan and actually tried to talk me into naming Parker “Buc”. Together we’ve visited baseball stadiums in Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Houston, Atlanta, and Milwaukee, with all three of our kids attending their first pro game before their first birthday. Josh really loves baseball so I was so happy that he got the chance to have this experience.





He sent me a picture he took with Bryce Harper and told me he’d also met Erin Andrews. One of the coaches threw him a ball from batting practice, he got a picture with Paul Goldschmidt and checked out his bat and then he walked right next to Joe Torre, Chris Berman, and Bob Costas. At one point, as Josh stood in front of the first base dugout, Jason Grilli walked by so he yelled out to him “Thanks for a winning season! I’ve waited my whole life for this.” (Jason Grilli is a first year Pirate who has been a stud closing pitcher this year) to which Grilli replied, “No, thank you! I’m glad we can finally bring it you.” And then after a 12 hour day at the ballpark, it was time to do what he came to do and he carried the flag out onto the field with dozens of other servicemen and women. Back home, Parker and I were bummed when we didn’t get to see Josh on tv, but his picture did make The Washinton Post! Though this was not his first All Star game (he was lucky enough to go when it was played at PNC Park) I have a feeling this was his most memorableScreen Shot 2013-07-17 at 10.50.02 AM

Breakfast ice cream!

Well. Since I’ll never live up to my posts from earlier this week I’m just going to ahead and share a simple recipe 🙂

We are huge smoothie drinkers here. So huge that I actually killed my blender a few weeks ago while making one. I still haven’t bought a new blender yet so we’ve had tons of frozen fruit in our freezer with nothing to use it for. For some reason, this week I went way overboard with the amount of fruit I bought while grocery shopping (berries and melons and stone fruits, oh my!) and I started to notice little, teeny, fruit flies invading our basket. Rather than throw away the browning bananas that the people in my family are terrified of, I peeled them and threw them in the freezer. And then this morning, I asked the boys if they wanted ice cream for breakfast.

IMG_4806I threw one whole frozen banana into my food processor, along with some frozen mixed berries and a little orange juice. I eyeballed everything but just make sure you don’t use too much juice because then you’ll just have a thick smoothie rather than sorbet. Puree it for as long as it takes to reach the consistency that you’re going for and add more fruit or more juice to help the process.

IMG_4808And then voila! You’ve got breakfast ice cream.

IMG_4810Best enjoyed outside in your pj’s. Even if it’s raining.

IMG_4809Just beware of brain freeze!

IMG_4814Don’t forget there’s only a few days left to enter the Woolzies giveaway! Just post a comment over here, letting me know what your family does to be a little bit greener. 

Our week in photos

This post has a lot of pictures but I still feel like I didn’t take enough. We had family here all week and though I should have, I didn’t even take my camera out (besides my iPhone) until yesterday.

This week included:

Lots of breakfasts enjoyed on the balcony.


The end of baseball season.












A bathing beauty.




Family time.


The Jersey Shore.










A daddy’s girl.


Swimming in the ocean with uncle Joe.



Trying to get Josh into the 71 degree water.


A sweet sleepy baby.


My babes and me.






The Coast Guard!


A stinker little brother.



New Jersey.


Ahhh. Summer.


The Brooklyn flea market

Brooklyn is gorgeous. I wish we would have homeschooled and lived there.


Theo’s baseball game was cancelled so we spent our day there at the flea market.


It’s awesome how much the boys love flea markets. It’s like junk heaven to them.


This was by far, the best flea market we’ve ever been to.


Theo fell in love with about 6,347 things. Like this bug collection that cost $6,347 (not really but there were lots of expensive things here).


Like this furniture. I wanted a lot of it.


But we settled on trying a lot of food instead. This was from Asia Dog. Organic 100% beef hotdogs, one with kimchi and nori flakes and one with asian slaw, toasted sesame seeds and scallions. The one on the left was the best but the kimchi was not very spicy.


We also tried macho pollo tacos. I’m not a fan of corn tortillas but these were delicious.


Of course some ice cream with sprinkles.


And a lemongrass and lime Brooklyn soda.


And then we did a little shopping. Each boy got $5 and could choose whatever they wanted. Theo chose a rusty horseshoe for his nature room.


And Parker chose a ring. To be like Sonic, of course. The vendor lady told me that my kids were awesome and super polite. I loved that, because they are.


All the while, Ruby ate an artisan grilled cheese, pointed out every single dog and baby that she saw and ended up a sweaty mess.


Brooklyn is a really cool place and I can’t wait to go back.

A fabulously boring weekend in photos


husband’s homemade pancakes on saturday morning.


sunday afternoon homemade pizzas.


i want to be a big kid too. wait a minute. it’s way too hard.


homemade (healthy) Chinesish takeout.


shovel worthy spinach and cheese quinoa casserole. we agree it’s the best way we’ve ever eaten quinoa.


one pineapple juiced and turned into popsicles. pulp and all.


she desperately wanted to fit into her baby doll’s robe.


morning run view.


sleepy boy after a long day of baseball. after this picture was taken, we had to bribe him with doritos to keep him awake.


baseball friday, saturday and sunday.


cgc vigorous pulling into the new york harbor. i was extremely excited to randomly see the only boat josh has ever been on pulling into our new home.


my favorite summertime breakfast. vanilla yogurt, peaches and pepitas.